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Aims & Objectives

The Confederation promotes labour unity with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To eradicate poverty, exploitation and discrimination in all workplaces.
  2. To secure social and economic justice for all workers.
  3. To strive for the building of a united workforce regardless of race, colour, creed or gender.
  4. To encourage all workers to join trade unions and to develop a spirit of solidarity among all workers, on the principle of equality, peace and justice for all workers.
  5. To understand how the economy of the country affects workers and to formulate clear policies as to how the economy should be structured to serve the best interests of the workers.
  6. To work for a restructuring of the economy that will allow the creation of wealth to be democratically controlled and its fruits shared by all South Africans.
  7. To strive for just standards of living, social security and fair conditions of work for all.
  8. To help actively in the formation of party politically non-aligned trade unions in all sectors where none exist.
  9. To assist member unions, operating in the same sector, on request, to merge or establish co-operation agreements.
  10. To facilitate and co-ordinate lifelong learning and training of all workers so as to further their interest and that of the country.
  11. To comment on, advance or oppose any law, action or policy of any authority or institution affecting the interests of members in particular, or the workers in general.
  12. To conduct, co-ordinate and publish research into matters affecting workers.
  13. To undertake the institution or defense of legal proceedings affecting the interests of the Confederation or any of its members, by or against any person, body or association.