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Minimum Wage

Dear Comrades

Minimum wage for all?

What is your take on this issue?

Do you say it’s the right time for this discussion or not?

Lots of views were put across at a recent portfolio committee meeting held in parliament in Cape Town.

All major confederations/members of parliament/public/business stakeholders were present.

CONSAWU was there and presented our viewpoint…. Download Presentation

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that it is not the right time to discuss this issue due to the poor growth of our economy.


Do you think that by asking for a minimum wage for all the unemployment rate may increase?

Before we unpack the term “minimum wage” what should we take into account in the context of the socio economic conditions in S.A.?

What are some of the social grants offered?

Is housing/water and lights/ subsidized for the poor. Are all our public schools ‘no fee schools’?

Is our health care system adequate enough!

From all the discussion papers presented there was no tool available to determine the hourly/daily rate to be paid. THIS IS DEFINETLY WHAT YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT.

Looking forward to your remarks


Download Presentation