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Affiliation fees

We the members of the interim NEC noting:

The directives given by and taken at the re-launch of CONSAWU to ensure the financial viability and stability of the organisation

Hereby resolve at this meeting of the Fourth National Congress:

That affiliation fees to CONSAWU will be based on a flat rate of R1.00 per member of the affiliate based on a yearly membership audited statement.

That the registration fee will now be the first affiliation fee which calls for an amendment to the Constitution in terms of section 5.6.4. hence such amendment will now read as follows:

5.6.4. Pay as a registration fee, its first monthly subscription fee as prescribed by The National Executive Committee, subject to the directives of the National

5.6.5. Such monthly subscription fee will be paid by debit order or agreed upondate of payment.

That affiliates will elect a date for stop order facility or day of payment in terms of section 14.4 of the Constitution, which calls for an amendment to section 14.4. Hence such amendment will now read:

14.4. Affiliation fees payable in terms of section 14.1. above shall be payable in respect Of each month by debit order on or before the next month or upon a day as agreed into the bank account of CONSAWU; or to the authorised offices of the Confederation.

The above resolution being adopted as directed by 4thNational Congress of the Confederation of South African Workers Union held on the 16th February 2014.