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Policy format with regard to non-payment of affiliation to the confederation

We the members of the interim NEC hereby resolve at this meeting of the 4thNational Congress:

That non-compliance with respect to the non-payment of affiliation fees will result in suspension or expulsion of such affiliate in terms of section 17.4 of the Constitution.

That such suspension or expulsion will be effected after the National Executive Committee [NEC] has:

2.1. In the first instance given notice to the said affiliate in writing that it has three months within which it must become compliant.

2.2. In the second instance, after such notice as envisaged under 2.1. above has been served and at the expiry of the three month grace period, where the affiliate has not complied with the payment of affiliation fees, notify such affiliate in writing giving reasons for such suspension or expulsion

2.3. In the third instance granted the affiliate permission to present its case to the NEC.

2.4. Appeals against suspension or expulsion by the NEC may be made to the National Congress and the decision of the National Congress shall be final and binding.

That during the period of suspension of membership of an affiliate or during the period of appeal to the National Congress, such affiliate will have observer status to the activities of CONSAWU, this means that CONSAWU will not cover the costs of transport and accommodation to all activities held under the auspices of CONSAWU.

This policy has effect upon adoption at the National Congress.

The above resolution being adopted as directed by this 4thNational Congress of the Confederation of South African Workers Union held on the 15th February 2014.