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We, the affiliates of the Confederation of South African Workers’ Unions [CONSAWU], having convened in Cape Town, on the 7th –9th September 2012 comprising of unions in the vulnerable sector:   And having taken cognisance of:  
  1. The international and national legislative framework with special reference to the right to Education.
  2. The abject poverty, high unemployment rate, inadequate social   service delivery in which the workers in the vulnerable sectors live and work.
  3. Of the fact that workers in the vulnerable sector whilst paid minimal wages, are nevertheless exposed to high costs of living, as any other citizen of this country.
  4. Of the fact that cost of public transport is beyond the means of earners in this sector.
  5. The factual reality that while workers in the sector have access to a job and are paid minimal wages, they grow comparatively poorer as the cost of living increases.
    And Noting;  
  1. That the fundamental rights of these workers and their families as enunciated in chapter two of the South African Constitution of 1996, remain outside the reach of workers in the vulnerable sector.
  2. That the lack of skills training in this sector encourages and entrenches a systemic system of bondage which curtails the growth of human potential in this sector.
  3. That the current system of casualisation and labour broking does not create certainty in employment opportunities and which we recognize as a defined factor retarding the growth of human potential and development especially in this sector.
    That government gives due consideration to the following demands:  
  1. Rural and farm schools receive priority in terms of human and physical resources.
  2. Access to libraries, guidance and counselling, sport and other extra-mural activities be re-introduced as part of the school curriculum.
  3. Public transport for school going children of workers in the vulnerable should be free.
  4. That all farm and rural schools be defined and catergorised as ‘no fee’ schools.
  5. That farm and rural schools have access to the nutrition programme under the current dispensation.
  6. That all tertiary institutions create spaces for deserving pupils from farm and rural schools under a free access dispensation as part of their social responsibility programme.
  7. That skills training be localised with the final effect and outcome of job creation which will target the youth for development purposes.
    CONSAWU will:
  1. Lobby and campaign for the rights of workers in the vulnerable sector to a better quality of life.
  2. Dialogue with the Department of Education –Western Cape Province so as to address the question of access to education in this sector.
  3. Dialogue with the Department of Transport- Western Cape Province   so as to address the question of free transport for scholars living on farms and in the rural areas with the object to fulfill the constitutional obligation in the achievement of substantive equality for disadvantaged persons.
    The above resolution being adopted as directed by this 4thNational Congress of the Confederation of South African Workers Union held on the 15th February 2014.