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Noting that during the 2009 general elections the ruling ANC promised the working class that the labour broking system will be abolished as it represents the new form of slavery.

Noting further that after the ruling party achieved its two third majority it reneged on the promise to abolish the labour broking system and opted to regulate it instead. It is a known fact that members of the ruling party and their families own the labour broking companies they stand to lose a lot of money should the labour broking companies be abolished.

Noting further that under the labour system there are no permanent jobs, no decent working conditions, safety regulations are not observed and benefits that are provided by the primary employer do not apply to the brokers [secondary employers]. Under labour brokers, workers work flexible hours which result in inconsistent wages despite them having fixed expenses.

Therefore resolve:
  1. To mobilise and encourage all the affiliates of CONSAWU to campaign against labour brokers and any other form of casualisation.
  2. To join other dissenting voices against the system of casualisation of labour and exploitation
  3. To establish a permanent committee against the casualisation of labour which will also deliberate on the establishment of a minimum wage in the country.
The above resolution being adopted as directed by the fourth national Congress held on 14-15 February to the meeting of the NEC held on the 5th April 2014.