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Payment for petrol expenses and other expenses incurred in lieu of travel for and on behalf of CONSAWU

We the members of the interim NEC noting: The principles of honesty, transparency and accountability adopted at the re-launch of CONSAWU; Hereby resolve at this meeting of the 4th National Congress:
  1. That all claims for petrol expenses incurred by a members be set at a fixed amount of R2.10 per kilometer travelled, when such a member/ official uses his/her own vehicle for travel to and from such activity for and on behalf of CONSAWU.
  2. That a check mechanism for petrol claims be put in place for e.g. honesty like physical address
  3. That stipends in lieu of oversee travel to be paid taking into account the country and number of days for such activity.
  4. That traffic fines will be the liability of the member
  The above resolution being adopted as directed by this 4thNational Congress of the Confederation of South African Workers Union held on the 15th February 2014.