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Youth Congress

Dear comrades:

Youth congress 2015

When I looked at the topic, I said “Not another presentation on HIV/AIDS”, least realising the little knowledge I have on this killer disease that is wiping out S.A silently? A virus called HIV weakens the immune system in our body regardless of race, sex, gender, age, etc. If you are sexually active and interact in unsafe sex with more than one partner, you are bond to contract this disease. Don’t be foolrd when someone says you can be cured by HIV, this is a myth. Don’t even believe that you can live a healthy lifestyle and live a longer period of time with HIV, because the majority of us are living below the poverty line, so how can we afford this luxury lifestyle.

There are vast theories to how this disease came about. We have learnt in high school that HIV has evolved from apes, some theories say vaccines were injected to millions of people by using contaminated needles. Historians say prostitutes passed sexually transmitted diseases (S.T.D) decades ago to keep men in labour camps happy, thereby spreading the disease. African Americans say that their government manufactured HIV to wipe out black Americans/homosexuals. The concern is not where it has evolved from? It is here to stay! What type of action you are going to take? Sit down in your cosy corner and do nothing? It is time to take action!!!

These are my solutions
  1. Engage in safe sex, preferably with one partner.
  2. Say no to teenage pregnancy- do not become a child parent.
  3. Avoid substance abuse, as this leads to wrong choices.
  4. Know your status.